U-Pick Sewing Project Success – my Felt Purse Organizer!

It’s not perfect yet, but I’m very happy about how my first felt purse organizer turned out!

It’s a sweet little bag all by itself, with pockets on the inside and the outside.


Felt is so easy to sew with, and so affordable too. Even without a coupon or a sale, you can get 1/4 yard of 72’’ wide craft felt for less than $2 at Joann or Hobby Lobby – and that’s all you’ll need!

You could also use a higher quality wool blend felt if you want a fabulous bag. But the inexpensive craft felt works perfectly well.


I love how I was able to cut the handle opening and not worry about raw edges.


As you can see, it’s really cute with snaps at the top. I used my plastic Kam snaps.

I’m sure it would work fine without snaps too if you choose not to install them.

I still want to tweak my design a little bit before I share a tutorial with you. I’m going to change the proportions some, and I think it would look more attractive if I spaced out my topstitching at the top a little bit more.

Cross your fingers – hopefully I’ll be able to sew up another one (or two) have the pattern ready by next week!

Happy Sewing,

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